tubeAudioPRODUCTS.comMullard & Brimar NOS Vacuum Tubes
FOR SALE : All three of the items we are offering here are Genuine Mullard & Brimar New Old Stock Tubes.
They are all BRITISH RAF double labeled CV4003 or CV4004.

EXTREMELY RARE! : We still have limited stock of the coveted British Valve Association stamped Mullard & Brimar tubes. For more, click the images to be taken to our site.
British RAF CV4003 & CV4004Mullard 12AU7 ECC82 M8136Mullard 12AU7 ECC82Brimar 12AX7 ECC83

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Mullard ECC82 12AU7 M8136 Shield & BVA - Click to enlarge photos:

Mullard ECC82/12AU7/CV4003 - Click to enlarge photos:

Brimar ECC83/12AX7/CV4004 - Click to enlarge photos:


$20.00/pair shipping for worldwide delivery.
We GUARANTEE THAT these are NOT reproductions or some off shore garbage.
All tubes are being sold in matched pairs & have been tested for micro phonics. Authorized distributor for KR Audio tubes, amplifiers & accessories

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Any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at the following number: 905-816-0167 or contact me by email, Thank you for your interest!
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